OJSC Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) is one of the leading companies of the Republic of Belarus with the aim to render support to export activities of Belarusian companies and help foreign companies to enter Belarusian market.
At the moment BUCE is the unique trading platform in the Republic of Belarus and one of the largest commodity exchanges in East Europe, it is the member of International Association of Exchanges of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Association of Futures Markets.
Major mission of BUCE’s activity is assistance rendering for trade between Belarusian and foreign companies.
Within 6 years activity BUCE has gained an extensive experience in the field of wholesale trade in Belarus and carried out a substantial work in IT technologies implementing to exchange trade.
BUCE’s exchange auctions include the following commodities:
1. metal products:
- ferrous metals (domestic market, import)
- scrap-iron and wastes of ferrous metals (export)
- non-ferrous metals (domestic market, import)
- scrap-iron and wastes of non-ferrous metals (export)
- cable, conductor products (domestic market, import)
- coke (domestic market, import)
- coal (domestic market, import)
- production of RUE Belarusian steel works (export)

2. timber products:
- round wood (domestic market, export, import)
- sawn timber (domestic market, export)
- wood boards (export, import)
- plywood (export)
- paper, paperboard (export, import)
- fuel peat briquettes (export)
- fuel granules (export)
- oleoresin, wood rosin (export)

3. agricultural products:
- dried milk (export)
- casein (export)
- cow dairy butter (export)
- whey (export)
- curds (export)
- preserved milk products (export)
- cheese (export)
- sunflower and soy-bean meal (import)
- rapeseed oil and rape seeds (export)
- tanning materials (export)
- cotton yarn (import)
- rye flour (export)
- meat (export)

4. industrial and consumer goods:
- electronic exchange auctions for industrial and consumer goods are held in Russian and English 24-hour a day via Internet and let to sell / buy all range of industrial and consumer goods.
Exchange trade via Internet is the most suitable way of participation for foreign companies.
With appropriate installed software foreign clients have an opportunity to take part in exchange auctions from any country of the world.
1) Free pricing. BUCE allows setting the real market prices which are formed on the basis of supply and demand during exchange trading and depend on market conditions.
2) Large range of commodities. More than 300 commodities are traded though BUCE.
3) Formation of competitive conditions for buyers and sellers. Over 11000 companies from the Republic of Belarus and 55 foreign countries participate in the exchange auctions.
4) Simple search for potential suppliers and consumers of goods. While exchange trading a company avoids costly search for contractors.
5) Favorable conditions for accreditation. Accredited companies pay only exchange fees depending on the amount of transactions
6) A large number of transactions over a short period of time. There is a possibility to agree the terms of exchange transactions with one or more counterparties, as well as to prepare all necessary contract documents within a few minutes during the exchange auctions.
7) Fulfillment obligations. To guarantee fulfillment obligations upon exchange contracts BUCE use:
- Deposit;
- Guarantee of a bank or BUCE;
- Insurance certificate;
- Funds deposited to the account of BUCE in an amount sufficient to pay the cost of commodity on a specific exchange transaction.
8) Exchange arbitration. The Arbitration Commission of the Exchange helps to solve all disputes while fulfillment obligations upon the concluded exchange transactions.
9) Expertise. BUCE has co-operation agreements with independent expert organizations to enable our customers to use their services and obtain expert examinations if necessary.
10) Logistic services. BUCE has agreements with leading Belarusian transport companies to ensure high-quality transportation of goods purchased on exchange auctions.
11) Expert consultation. If you have any questions you can get (by phone, Internet) expert consultation with the BUCE’s staff (lawyers, maklers, employees of trade department).
12) Price quotation. Concentration of demand and supply allows exchange quotation reflect market situation and be guide for wholesale market participants.

Representative office of BUCE in Latvia -«Business support services» - +371-22025857
2 – 200 Kazintsa Str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus, 220099